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My man

My man is the extremely handsome Eiríkur Vilhelm Sigurðarson. He is born and raised in Vík í Mýrdal. We started our relationship at Hólar in Hjaltadalur where Eiríkur was studying tourism and I, well you know what, he graduated at the same time as I in 2012. He now works in Vík as the head of Katlacenter. So we have been together more then four years 🙂

Eiríkur og Hekla

Eiríkur is the one who is pushing me forward in putting content on my webpage or well, he takes the photos, shoots the videos and than he puts it on the page! (except for this post) None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for him!

Eiríkur og Snjöll

Eiríkur is planning on being a horse breeder. He owns a mare which i gave him in 2011 called Snjöll from Árbæjarhjáleiga, a great mare. Snjöll is now pregnant with Hringur from Skarði. Hringur was the first horse Eiríkur got to ride here in Árbæjarhjáleiga -he has been his all time favorite ever since. The original plan was not to use Snjöll as a breeding mare but to use here as a riding horse because of here outstanding tölt. But because Hringur has been for sale for some time Eiríkur decided that he wanted to pair two of his favorite horses – will be interesting to see the outcome in summer 2014.

Moli frá Reykjavík

Eiríkur bought a share in a beautiful stallion in autumn 2013. The stallion is red dun roan/bay dun roan with blaze, he hopes that this stallion will be a superstar and save the Icelandic roan colour. He owns this stallion with my father Kristinn Guðnason, Sveinn Samúel Steinarsson and Páll Imsland. The name of the Stallion is Moli frá Reykjavík – IS2012125384.


Zenta lítil

Eiríkur also owns a dog, her name is Zenta (you’ve probably seen a photo of her on the front page). She’s lovely and very talented, at least she thinks so 🙂


Eiríkur og Hekla

Of course we hope to be able to combine our two fields which are tourism and horses. Who knows … Maybe we will start a small hotel and we could welcome horse lovers who would come and get riding lessons on well trained horses.
Well, at least our future plan is to live together! Sell, train, breed and compete on horses, own a few sheep and live the happy life 🙂