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Riding Lesson

Hekla og Jarl

After graduating from Hólar in 2012 I have been teaching riding classes, I even taught for a whole winter in Hólar. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do and I have a lot of ambition toward my students. My mission is that my students better themselves as riders and can then start bettering the horse. The final result should be a better cooperation and a stronger bond between rider and horse. It doesn’t matter if you‘re looking to train for competition or simply become a better rider for pleasure. Our goal should always be that the horse will last as long as possible as a riding horse. That‘s a goal we can only reach with focused development of the horse.

I train both individuals and groups. I have worked a lot with youth and enjoy working with children and teenagers. I have substantial experience of competing and I am available for competition training as well. I teach both in Iceland and abroad, thereof mostly in the Netherlands where I have already trained a few riders whose careers I follow and feel grateful to have been a part in their training.

If you would like to book me for any of the services I provide, don‘t hesitate to contact me.